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lesbian ships, indie music, film, art, literature, critical theory, radically changing the social order, and so on.
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Wait | M83

Send your dreams where nobody hides
Give your tears to the tide

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How They Make Sex Scenes

This made me laugh for about 100 years

Me every night

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orphan beige part 5


Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude

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oh man I was trying to find my old icq number so I googled my full name and I found blog entries that people used to use to cyberbully me back in 2005. I was caught completely off guard.

And I thought, if it was that hard for me back then when we only had msn and xanga and shit, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for kids these days, now with social media basically making up 100% of our lives and all. And I wish there’s something I could do.

If you’re a teen being bullied right now, all I can offer is this: it does get better. All these pain might seem to overwhelm you now, and I get that to you it feels like there is no end in sight, but one day this will all pass. The humiliation, the hate you carry within your heart, some day they won’t matter. And you come out a stronger person, a kinder person.

Anonymous :  Although I'm sad there's not a queer Asian character on OB (yet), can I just mention how glad I am that they didn't go with the scientist stereotype? It kind of feels like we're always being shoved into "smart" roles, and it bothers me. We need to represent Asians who have regular intelligence, as well as ones who are geniuses. But I would 100% be down for a queer Asian character on OB! That is something we need more of, too! (Sorry for rambling?)

No need to be sorry! I completely agree :)

i swear to fucking god i will not go to bed before i get this essay done

cali-fir :  When I read that new quote from them, my first thought was also somewhere along the lines of "does that mean that we could have had a female bisexual asian character?" like you pointed out. It was a bit like a how do you say, a cold feeling in my stomach over finding out this detail? I love OB, I think EB is pretty darn awesome. But there is just now something that makes me sad about this. Missed opportunity probably.

Yeah that’s exactly how I feel. I love, love, love Evelyne and I think she is brilliant as Delphine. But the politics of representation also matters to me so much. The fact is it’s so extremely rare to see queer Asian women anywhere. Even in Asian media you rarely see portrayal of homosexuality or bisexuality, because it’s still a pretty strong taboo. A lot of queer women in Asia have to look at media from the US and Canada to find characters that resonate with them. And on top of that obviously there are many Asian-American/Canadian queer women out there who are just so under-represented.

I’m not saying I love the show any less now, it’s just sad knowing what it could have done.

Anonymous :  Hey I saw your post and, while I understand, I kind of disagree. They wrote Delphine's part specifically for evelyne, so the bisexual idea came about then, we probably would have less LGBT representation otherwise (not saying we shouldn't have Asian LGBT, just that the thought wouldn't have crossed john/Graeme's minds). Also, I'm sure they would've cast a great Asian actress, and I'm sure there are plenty, but Evelyne had that /something/ and it wasn't her white/blonde hair, it was /her/.

From the interview that the quote came from, I didn’t get the sense that Delphine would not have been bisexual if they hadn’t cast Evelyne though? They simply said they changed Delphine’s ethnicity to write Evelyne in.

And, this is not directed at you but the implication that an Asian character would not have been thought of as queer is kind of precisely what’s wrong? I guess the reason why I’m quite unhappy with this is that it’s so extremely rare to see queer Asian women in media. I’m not sure if you know but representation of queer women is really not as established as it is in the States or in Western media in general. So it’s really rare to see them anywhere.

And like I said I love Evelyne as much as everyone else. But this is so not about her as an actress. If you look at all the lesbian ships on TV right now, literally almost all of them are white (with a few exceptions from ONITB). It almost makes you wonder if you’d have to be white to be a lesbian on TV (again this is not directed at you, it’s just my general frustration with the media)

cosima420 :  Thanks for your post! I felt the same way when I read that quote. As much as I love Evelyne (and I do LOVE Evelyne), it's a bit disappointing that what could have been a great role for an Asian actress went to a blonde white woman.

no thank YOU for reading my little rant. Come to think about it, it’s not just that we could have a well-written Asian female character, but Delphine would also have been a bisexual Asian female character. The only other queer Asian woman in media I could think of is OUAT’s Mulan, and that was addressed in a 3-minute long scene and was never mentioned again. It would have been quite revolutionary if Cophine was a interracial couple, but, oh well. Missed opportunity I suppose